Book Review

Book Review

Out of the Jaws of the Lion; Homer E. Dowdy: Harper and Row, Publishers, New York, U.S.A.

Here is a lucid account of the horrors, sufferings, imprisonment, and martyrdom of missionaries of all affiliations in the Congo. The author has gathered the data and recorded the triumphs of faith in the Lord, the heroic acts of selflessness, and the devoted loyalty of the servants of Christ. He tells the story of the abuses, indignities, cruelties and deaths committed by the very people these missionaries sought to love, serve and bless.

This book is very informative and definitely inspirational.

We hope that it may be extensively accepted, and that it may be widely read by the Christian public.

Price, 4.35: Home Evangel Books Ltd. 23 Hobson Avenue, Toronto 6, Canada.

World Aflame; Billy Graham: Doubleday and Company, Inc. Garden City, New York, U.S.A.

In this book Dr. Graham analyses the state of the world today; he probes deeply into the confusion that exists in every sphere of life, and frankly discusses sin and its devastating influence, immorality, tensions, and the idolatry of the masses before science and philosophy. He demonstrates the hopelessness of man when left to himself.

Dr. Graham also presents the only cure for a sin-crazed humanity; repentance, conversion, and Christian commitment. He deals with the future, the return of Christ to reign and the peace and social justice that will follow.

This volume is very thought-provoking. The author says concerning it: “This book is intentionally controversial. I hope that something of what I have written will shock readers out of apathy into the reality of our desperate condition individually and socially.”

It is hoped that this book will be read and reread and distributed among acquaintances.

Price, 4.75: Home Evangel Books Ltd. 23 Hobson Avenue, Toronto 16, Canada.