Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Jesus the Master Teacher; Dr. Herman Harrell Horne: Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.

This reprint is an extraordinary work; it deals with the pedagogy of the Lord Jesus, with the teaching methods He employed during the years of His ministry on earth.

The author makes no attempt to expound the content of the Lord’s teaching, but he carefully examines the forms and means by which the Master taught His various subjects.

As in all else, this investigation reveals the perfections of Christ. Here His perfection is seen from an unusual viewpoint, the reliable principles of education.

This is a book to be studied; it is recommended to all who wish to learn better techniques for teaching the Bible to both children and adults.

Price, $3.80: Home Evangel Books Ltd. 25 Hobson Avenue, Toronto 16, Canada.

The Christian Educator’s File; Violet C. Carlson: Moody Press, Chicago, U. S. A.

Here is an extraordinary volume in loose leaf form. A file according to Fowler is an appliance for holding papers arranged for reference. “Papers arranged for reference” describes this work perfectly. Here is a massive collection of ideas and ideals. Here are helps, suggestions, and information regarding every phase of work among children and youths: the home, the Sunday School, Camps, Young Peoples’ Groups, Vacation Bible Schools, Week Day Bible Schools, etc.

Material is given for the development of programs, curriculums, libraries, music, recreational activities, etc.

An old book printed in London, England, in 1898 bears the title, “Enquire Within upon Every Thing.” This is true of the Christian Educator’s File. It is such a store-house of information that one might enquire within upon every aspect of work among the young. We highly recommend it.

Price, $6.50; Home Evangel Books Ltd., 23 Hobson Avenue, Toronto 16, Canada.