Book Review

Book Review

The Unfolding of the Ages: Paul R. Alderman Jr. Loizeaux Brothers, Neptune, New Jersey.

Here is a small excellent work upon an extensive subject. Premillennial in his approach, the author, while of firm convictions, nevertheless is tolerant with other viewpoints. His style is clear and concise. The outlines at the beginning of the chapters are helpful especially for the student and teacher.

These chapters provide a splendid text book for a group study of prophecy.

Price: paper cover, $1.00. Loizeaux Brothers, Neptune, New York, U.S.A.

Design for Christian Marriage: Dwight Hervey Small; Fleming H. Revell Company.

There are other volumes which cover the same moral area, but very few cover it so well. The author writes with frankness yet restraint; he is pointed in his remarks yet dignified. Few could discuss as he does the intimacy of love with such discrimination and delicacy.

This volume makes profitable reading for those about to be married or recently married. Furthermore, it should be carefully studied by Christian elders who occasionally are asked for counsel in regard to marital relationships.

The author has made a good contribution to the literature on marriage, its pleasures and problems.

The Psychology of Counselling: Clyde M. Narramore Ed. D.; Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.

Here is excellent counsel for counsellors. Elders and teachers among the saints of God should prayerfully and carefully peruse this volume. It is informative, directive, and spiritual. Its advice is applicable to one’s personal behaviour and the techniques it teaches are so helpful when applied graciously in the cases of those in need of aid.

Of his book Dr. Narramore says, “Counselling is indeed complex, embracing many concepts and techniques. May I suggest you consider each chapter of this book as only one aspect of counselling, integrating the other chapters with it to make it meaningful. In this way you will gain a comprehensive picture of counselling rather than a onesided view.”

The fact that 50,000 copies of this book are in print is a strong recommendation.

Price: $4.29; Home Evangel Books Ltd. 25 Hobson Avenue, Toronto 16, Ontario.