Book Review

Book Review

The Living Word: Stephen F. Olford; Moody Press, Chicago, Illinois.

Here is a small volume with a great subject, Jesus Christ the Eternal Son of the Father. This treatise on the personality of the Lord is profoundly theological and yet blessedly simple. The author extols the Saviour and ascribes all honour, glory, and power to Him. He also unveils Him to the heart until the heart bows in reverence and exclaims, “My Lord and my God!”

In an hour when some leaders of apostate Christendom are publishing books which question even the existence of a personal God, this book is both informative and convincing.

Price $1.90 Home Evangel Books Ltd. 23 Hobson Avenue, Toronto 16, Canada.

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New American Standard Bible —New Testament: Moody Press, Chicago, Illinois.

The Foreword of the volume reads: “The New American Standard Bible has been produced with the conviction that the words of Scripture as originally penned in the Hebrew and Greek were inspired of God, the Holy Scriptures speak with fresh power to each generation, to give us wisdom that leads to salvation, that we may serve to the glory of Christ.

“It has been the purpose of the Editorial Board to present to the modern reader a revision of the American Standard Version in clear and contemporary language. The attempt has been made to adhere to the original languages of the Holy Scriptures as closely as possible and at the same time to obtain a fluent and readable style according to current English usage.”

The Reference Edition in the margin contains besides references, alternate translations, reading of variant manuscripts, and explanatory equivalents. All these are helpful to the understanding of the original meaning.

Splendid for the student of The Word.

Price $5.40, Home Evangel Books Ltd. 23 Hobson Avenue, Toronto 16, Canada.