Book Review

Book Review

Missionary Preparation: Stephen F. Olford, Moody Press, Chicago, U.S.A.

Here is a very concise guide to missionary preparation. The author rightly stresses the need for a divine call, but the major part of the pamphlet emphasizes disciplined preparation in all fields. Those who delight in simplicity of church order may differ slightly in certain points, but in the over all content, the words of counsel and caution merit strong support.

One hopes that this booklet might receive wide distribution among young Christians, especially those exercised about service for the Lord.

Price: 11c or $9.75 per hundred; Home Evangel Books Ltd., 23 Hobson Avenue, Toronto, Canada.

Borneo Breakthrough: Sylvia Houliston, China Inland Mission, London, England.

This lucid story of the triumphs of the Gospel in Borneo, the world’s third largest island, a possession of the Republic of Indonesia, presents the trials and disappointments as well as the success of missionary endeavour.

The problems of persons possessed by demons are described, and the restraining and curative power of the Lord Jesus in this regard demonstrated.

Those participating in this work are convinced that the best evangelist for that country is the national, and that methods should be used that will establish a truly indigenous work.

Price: $2.25; Home Evangel Books Ltd., 23 Hobson Avenue, Toronto, Canada.