Book Review

Book Review

Who Was Who In Church History: Elgin S. Moyer, Moody Press, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

The purpose of this volume is to sketch briefly the biography of some of the prominent men and women who have distinguished themselves during the Church era.

Dr. Moyer is well acquainted with the subject of Church history having prepared an earlier work, Great Leaders of the Christian Church.

The amount of research represented by these two volumes is tremendous, making one grateful that by such painstaking diligence so much important information is accessible.

The work now recommended is especially valuable to the Bible Student for beyond its original purpose it provides suitable information, direction, and illustrations for sermon use; furthermore, it is most reliable.

Through Home Evangel Books Ltd., 23 Hobson Avenue, Toronto 16, Canada. Price, $6.50.

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New Testament Church Principles: Arthur G. Clarke, Loizeaux Brothers Inc. 1238 Corlies Avenue, Neptune, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Those who have received blessing and help in the use of Mr. Clarke’s larger work, Analytical Studies in the Psalms, will want a copy of this book which is an exposition of those scriptural principles given for the control of the corporate testimony of the New Testament Church, the administration of the mystery.

This, the third edition, has been carefully revised and enlarged. In all, it has eleven chapters, within which will be found assistance upon such difficult matters as: Overseer-ship, Discipline, and the Woman’s sphere in the Church.

From the Publishers, price $2.50, U.S.A.