Book Review

Book Review

Saints and Society: Earle E. Cairns; Moody Press, Chicago, U.S.A.

The Author begins his book with a carefully prepared description of England in the eighteenth century. He traces changes of government and the dreadful moral, social, and spiritual conditions of that country, and indicates the rise of rationalism during that same period.

Against this dark background, he delineates the Wesleyan revival under the preaching of such men as George Whitefield and the Wesley brothers.

This small volume in a very lucid manner presents the radical changes accomplished in society through an aggressive testimony to the Lord. Furthermore, it presses upon the reader his responsibility to the community and the nations as well as to his own family.

There are recommendations to which some may object. The Author sustains democracy and the exercise of the Christian’s right to use his franchise. He emphasizes the need of Church leadership ignoring the fact that many leaders within Christendom have rejected the very message, the Gospel which produced the early reforms of modern civilization.

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Come Wind Come Weather: Leslie T. Lyall; Moody Press, Chicago, U.S.A.

Frequently we wonder what may be the experience and condition of evangelical Christians in China. This small book attempts to answer some of these grave questions which naturally arise in interested minds.

The writer is well qualified for this task; he served under the China Inland Mission in the Provinces of Shansi and Kweichow form 1929 to 1951. Through many contacts made during those years of residence, he has kept in touch with the China mainland.

Mr. Lyall reveals some of the satanic stealth and deception of Communism; and, at the same time, some of the weakness of nominal Christianity.

Admist the failure of some, there is proof of loyalty in others. A report referred to by the Author dated in 1958, says, “Many are earning the crown of life.”

This book provides information, stimulates prayer, and induces interest on behalf of China’s Christians. It should be read by all believers, especially those mindful of missionary endeavours.

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