Book Review

Book Review

Gleanings in Exodus: Arthur W. Pink; Moody Press, Chicago, U.S.A.

Those who have derived benefit from the use of this author’s volume, Gleanings in Genesis, will welcome this excellent work full of historical, expositional, and typical values.

Mr. Pink, in his inimitable style, examines in detail the record of Israel’s redemption from Egypt. He expounds the organization of the nation at Sinai; develops the typical teaching of certain worthy persons, national institutions, the Levitical offerings, and the structure and furniture of the Tabernacle.

He not only mines from the Book of the Exodus precious ore, but he teaches the reader how to dig for himself, and how to process and reduce the rich ore discovered into nuggets of pure gold.

Gleanings in Exodus should be read by Christians of every rank. Bible Class leaders, Sunday School teachers, and ministers of the Gospel will acquire through a perusal of this treatise a deep knowledge of the work of Christ for the believer, in the believer, and through the believer.

Highly recommended. At all Christian Book Stores. Price $4.50.