Book Review

Book Review

The Companion of the Way: H. C. Hewlett; Moody Press, Chicago, U.S.A.

The author is the editor of The Treasury, a monthly magazine for Christians published in New Zealand. He also contributes articles to other publications.

His oral ministry among the assemblies, which is of an expository and devotional character, has been a blessing to many.

In this present volume (We hope that others will follow.) he deals with some of the Theophanies of the Old Testament and with some of the appearances of the Lord to His own in the New Testament.

As Mr. Hewlett guides one through the details of these remarkable manifestations of the Lord and through the extraordinary experiences enjoyed by those to whom these were given, one learns that He who walked and talked with Abraham, He who fitted Moses and strengthened Joshua, He who disciplined Jacob and encouraged Elijah, is just the same today. What God was to His own in the past, the author teaches, He is to His own today.

This is a book of deep interest for Christians, young and old. It is likewise of doctrinal and exegetical value to the Bible student and teacher.

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