Book Review

Book Review

PersonalityDevelopment in the Christian Life: Dr. John D. Frame, M.D.: Moody Press, Chicago, U.S.A.

One feels deeply indebted to Dr. Frame. This work in Christian psychology merits a very attentive perusal.

The author is well equipped both in training and experience to prepare such a volume for he has been intimately associated with Christian work all his life. He was born of missionary parents, and served as a missionary himself. Probably, one of his greatest contributions to this particular line of service is in his counselling of candidates for evangelistic work in the foreign field.

In an expeditious manner and with spiritual delicacy Dr. Frame deals with, not only personality as that may be understood, but also with every relationship which is formed in this life and the complex responses to these relationships.

One would hope that this book may be studied by every Christian leader, and that they might accept its advice and warning.

At all Christian Book Shops. Price $3.25.