Book Review

Book Review

Swallow Cliff: Ellen L. Drummond: Moody Press, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

The authoress, a daughter of missionary parents who went to China in 1889, writes out of a prolonged and deep experience.

She has surrounded certain composite characters with the true facts of life in China before the revolution. The story is a romantic tale which embodies the traditional customs of Old China.

It describes some of the passing glory and power of the wealthy, and the poverty of the lowly. Furthermore, the tale delineates the cruelty of the lawless brigand, and the hopeless struggle to maintain law and order in a society that was quickly disintegrating.

For those who like factual history in the form of a novel, this book provides interesting reading. It is suitable as a reward in Sunday School and other youth projects.

Procurable at Christian Book Sellers. Price $3.50.