Book Review

Book Review

A Survey of World Missions, John Caldwell Thiessen, Moody Press, Chicago, Ill. U.S.A.

This is an exceptional volume, one of its kind. Its publication is timely for it enables one to follow the work of Protestant missions in spite of the many political changes in the world.

The work represents a tremendous amount of research and diligent effort to be accurate in its presentations of knowable facts.

A methodical arrangement as well as a good general index facilitate ready reference to the contents. The author deals with the geography, people, religion, political background and the missionary history of each given country.

The book is a survey, consequently biographical references are few and very brief. The coverage is so comprehensive that it lacks the detail some might expect. In some instances only a passing allusion is made to a work in which one might be vitally interested. Some of the relevant material might have been abridged to allow more space for further treatment of actual missionary enterprise.

Nevertheless, an extensive bibliography at the close will enable one to secure other volumes treating specific fields in greater detail.

Obtainable at Christian Book Shops everywhere. Price $5.95.