Book Review

Book Review

Muffled Drumbeats in the CongoWilliam A Deans, Moody Press, Chicago, U.S.A.

Here is recorded the evacuation of Evangelical Missionaries from the Congo by one to whom that ordeal was another experience among the many of thirty years in that land.

In his account brother Deans explains some provocative measures which eventually mititated against the former rulers of Congo, the Belgians. He also recounts the clamor for independence, and the lawlessness and murder which featured the irrational movements for liberation.

His description of the chaos which characterized the early days of the Republic are vivid and discriminative.

William Deans does not write as a defeatist; he has profound confidence in God and in the Congolese Christian. He credits the indigenous churches with the devotion and ability to carry on the work of the Lord entrusted to them.

The closing chapter, Methods and Means, might be considered a message to all who serve our Lord Jesus whether in Congo or elsewhere.

The book is sober, informative, and opportune.

May be procured at Christian book sellers throughout the continent. Price $2.25.