Book Review

Book Review

It Can Be Done, William Williams — 139 North Carson Street, Toronto 14, Canada. Price: $2.50.

An off-set edition of this missionary volume presenting the early days of assembly endeavour in Venezuela has appeared. In reviewing the content, the writer has relived many of the recorded events and has recalled some of the trials, triumphs, and tragedies of the work of the Lord in that South American Republic during the 20’s.

Here in the home-land there has been some criticism of the title, “It Can Be Done.” Some have thought that the author implied that it had been done scripturally only in Venezuela, but the sub-title on the flyleaf expresses clearly the original intention: “Carrying out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) in Venezuela.” “It Can Be Done” is a witness to the fact that simplicity toward Christ and dependence upon the Lord alone for support are basic principles in missionary work in the twentieth century even as they were in the first century of the Church era.

Since there is some agitation in certain quarters for a centralization of funds, and in other quarters an equal distribution of monies for the Lord’s work, it would be well to read this volume in order to review the accomplishments of Christian simplicity and dependence alone upon God, not only in regard to money, but the time of its arrival, and its amount.

There is no field, foreign or home, characterized by perfection, but where there is a desire to adhere to the principles of Scripture, the blessing of the Lord is enjoyed, “Them that honour Me, I will honour.”

The pathway of the missionary to any part of the great vineyard is one of sacrifice. Those dedicated to the work in Venezuela are not exempt from this rule. The volume presents in a realistic manner the sacrifices and successes of a modern missionary enterprise.

From the experimental efforts of the evangelist is shown the attempts of Roman Catholicism to hinder the spread of the gospel and the light of the Holy Scripture.

Furthermore, this book pictures the salutary results of faith in Christ and Bible teaching in the lives of those who once were steeped in darkness and superstition.

We recommend this work to those who are interested in the work of the Lord abroad.