Book Review

Book Review

In His NameFood for the Flock, 853 Bloor Street W., Toronto, Ontario.

Here is a history full of information and instruction. The first chapters deal with the early movements in Toronto of those who gather in the Name of the Lord; the remainder of the book focuses attention upon the Central Assembly and those other Assemblies in the Metropolitan area which, either directly or indirectly, came into existence through its instrumentality.

The work represents many painstaking hours of research and investigation the results of which have been factually and concisely recorded.

There is so much disclosed by this account for which the heart is profoundly thankful to God. A knowledge of God’s power and guidance in the past encourages the heart, stimulates faith, and produces an attitude of reliance upon God.

Mr. Robertson, with exquisite delicacy mentions the failures and divisions which have marred the testimony of the saints and dishonoured the Lord only that lessons might be learned for contemporary times.

Realism faces the possible danger of unpleasant history being repeated, and it likewise accepts the warnings that recorded truth provides.

The many pictures and photographs which form an important part of this book make it a definite link with the past that all will enjoy.

Price, $2.00; either at Food for the Flock, 853 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Canada, or from John Robertson, Apt. 211, 177 Stephen Drive, Toronto 18, Canada.