Book Review

Book Review

The Gift of Tongues, J. M. Davies — Scripture Literature Press, Bangalore 1, India.

This pamphlet is published in anticipation of a larger and more detailed treatise.

It is a small yet splendid enquiry into the features of this spectacular gift. The examination is made in the light of its historical manifestation, its relative value, its regulated exercise in the primitive Church, and its true purpose as a sign to Israel.

Naturally, we expect a much fuller treatment when the author produces his “Pentecost and Today —A Straight Course”; nevertheless, this excellent booklet is most instructive. No one interested in the subject should fail to read, especially, the first and last sections.

Small and inexpensive, it is exactly what is necessary for free distribution among those exposed to the errors which have invaded this field.

Price 10 cents, Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor Street W., Toronto, Canada.

Healing, What Saith the Scriptures? Same Author and Printer.

This second pamphlet is also produced in anticipation of the larger work, “Pentecost and Today.”

The Author approaches the subject with sympathy and yet with candour. His examination of the falsities involved in the teaching of healing in the atonement rests upon Scripture clearly and logically applied.

The exposition of the difficulties found in James 5:7-20, is sound and illuminating. One could wish that such an exposition were frequently given at Bible conferences.

This booklet is inexpensive and so suitable for distribution.

Price 15 cents, Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor Street W., Toronto Canada.