Book Review

Book Review

Many years ago a prominent American student of Bible prophecy said that there were two sandard expositions of the Book of the Revelation in the English language: one American, The Revelation of Christ by F. W. Grant, Loizeaux, New York; the other British, Exposition of the Revelation of Jesus Christ by Walter Scott, Bickering and Inglis, London.

It will be gratifying to many that the British standard on Revelation has reappeared. Several have enquired at The Christian Book Room regarding this excellent work. We are pleased that it is now available.

Walter Scott’s explanation of this difficult book so full of strange symbolism evinces an immense amount of research. Carefully and meticulously he gives this in a very readable style. One is grateful to the Lord for the help from such a Learned Scholar.

The author accepts the futurist view for his interpretation, and as a premise believes that the main contentsof the Apocalypse await fulfilment. While the Church remains on earth, the greater accomplishments of prophecy will not develop.

In these days when there is much confusion among different schools of prophecy, the article entitled “The Celebrated Prophecy of 70 Weeks or 490 Years” is of much value.

Each chapter of the Revelation is treated individually and extensively.

This volume is highly recommended. In fact, the Reviewer feels that God’s people would derive much more factual knowledge and spiritual understanding through its pages than through many of the current speculative, so called, hand books on prophecy.

While the cost seems considerable, it is as nothing in comparison to the profit acquired from a diligent study of this treatise.

Price $4.20, Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor Street W., Toronto, Canada.