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Dear brother Price,

I have been following with the keenest interest the series of articles appearing in “Food for the Flock” from time to time, and I am delighted at the high standard that has been set in the various articles and connected subjects that have been presented. My September copy has arrived this morning and the first article that I turned to was the one: “Why Sunday School?” You are to be commended for the manner in which you have presented your views on this aspect of Sunday School activity … Although, if I may say so, your paragraph on “Special Events,” such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Days can be, and has been, very much abused …

I look forward with the earnest hope that the October issue, “The Sunday School Teacher and his Qualifications,” will contain that which will cause every Sunday School Superintendent to be exercised as to the suitability of many of the teachers under his charge. It is not enough to merely place a register in the hands of every Tom, Dick, and Harry, and to say with reckless abandon, “Here, get busy and take a class.” The idea of giving new converts “something to do” in the way of activity is being overdone, particularly when that person is given a class of boys or girls.

One is convinced after years of close observation that many of our Sunday School teachers need to be “taught” themselves before they can ever attempt to teach our children God’s wonderful plan of salvation…

I heard a teacher not so very long ago, when asking a substitute to replace her, say, “Just give them any old thing so long as you can keep them quiet.” The emphasis appears to be on getting as big a crowd as possible, and then boast of the numbers. In other words, quantity at the expense of quality. This is a sad commentary to have to make, but it is a true one and not in the least exaggerated …

I hope the series of articles on the subject will have the desired effect…

Please be assured of my warmest appreciation of these articles.

Yours in Him,
G. M. D.

Dear Brother D.,

Many thanks for your letter of appreciation and encouragement. We will greatly value your continued fellowship in prayer that the Lord will use His Word to awaken His people as to the drastic deficiencies of our present Sunday School endeavours.

I agree with your remarks that “special events” such as Christmas programs can be abused; they are of value only if carried out in a godly manner consistent with Scripture and spirituality.

Once again, many thanks for writing. It is good to know that others of longer experience are similarly exercised about conditions presently common in assembly Sunday Schools.

Sincerely in the Lord,
W. P.

* * *

“Special events” such as are referred to in these articles are not indorsed by the author in any way, nor are their practices approved. Since these times are marked by the world, brother Price uses them as timely occasions for special service and for concerted effort in the furtherance of the gospel. —Ed.