Book Review

Book Review

He That is Spiritual, Lewis Sperry Chafer — Dunham Publishing Company, Findlay, Ohio, U.S.A.

The truths discussed in this exceedingly valuable volume could transform the life and service of every Christian and every church the world over, if only these truths were appreciated, appropriated, and experienced.

The general theme is “true spirituality” — “that quality of life in the child of God which satisfies and glorifies the Father.” After reviewing the three classes of men — natural, carnal, and spiritual — Dr. Chafer then presents a masterly, detailed, analysis and discussion of, first, the Holy Spirit’s ministry in relation to the believer; second, the conditions essential to spirituality.

He deals with such fundamental subjects as the ministry of the Spirit in restraining, reproving, regenerating, indwelling, baptizing, sealing, and filling. He also answers a number of questions for which many Christians cannot give a clear, scriptural answer: What is the Spirit’s filling; What spirituality is, and what it is not; What it is that grieves the Spirit; What it is that quenches the Spirit; What is a sacrificial life; What is meant by “walk in the Spirit”?

With clarity and force, he deals with the scriptural doctrines of perfection, sanctification, the Adamic nature, and the believer’s death with Christ.

In this reviewer’s opinion, it cannot be stated too strongly that the present divided and powerless state of the Christian Church is purely the result of ignoring and neglecting the three basic requisites for true spirituality: “Grieve not the Holy Spirit”; “Quench not the Spirit”; and “Walk in the Spirit”.

Price $2.50. Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor St., Toronto, Canada.