Book Review

Book Review

The Sin of Sectarianism, Andrew Stenhouse, Chile.

Already, a second edition of this work has become necessary. Words of commendation and reports of definite help received from a perusal of this book have been received. The first issue was quickly sold out, making another printing imperative.

Criticisms have also been made, as would be understood, for while we know that on occasions a lance must be used before healing can be expected, the flesh shrinks from the lance.

The pernicious effects of sectarianism, as these corrupt our simplicity toward Christ, are scripturally exposed. The detrimental influence of this blight upon the testimony of a local church is conscientiously examined.

In this volume, some of the disturbing problems which arise among sincere Christians are discussed. Moreover, the author expeditiously expounds the Word of God relative to the constitution and responsibility of the New Testament Church. He deals with the matter of ministry, discipline, and administration. In his treatment of these and other subjects, brother Stenhouse raises warnings enforced by illustrations of the weaknesses and failure manifest in Church history.

The two chapters, Circles of Fellowship and Causes of Sectarianism might have been amplified because of their importance. These chapters should be repeatedly read and their contents carefully noticed.

Price — Cloth cover, $2.00. Paper cover, $1.25. Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Canada.