Book Review

Book Review

Health Shall Spring Forth — Paul E. Adolph M.D., Moody Press, Chicago.

In a day when hypertension with its baneful effects upon the physical and emotional system of the Christian increases, such a book as this should be of inestimable value. The world of literature places much emphasis upon psychology, very frequently a psychology based upon unscriptural premise, and through this there is little relief for the distressed believer.

The author is well trained for the task imposed upon him. He has served the Lord as a missionary in China, his country as an officer in the Army Medical Corps, and now is serving the student body as an instructor in medicine.

Unlike many volumes which propose a means of relief from nervous tension, this book is readable, its explanations are simple, its illustrations plain, and its language clear.

Dr. M. R. DeHaan M.D. in his introduction states in a most concise manner Dr. Adolph’s approach to release from mental burdens: “There can be no permanent release from all these ills except by a recognition of the scriptural and spiritual answer to this question of inner peace … Man must get into proper relation to God through a new birth by faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God, and then and only then can he approach the High Priest of our salvation, and find the peace of God which passeth understanding.”

The chapter entitled, “The Obstetrics of the New Birth,” is very illuminating, and should be read carefully by all evangelical Christians. Its truths are so basic.

Another pertinent chapter is the one entitled, “Decisive Living.” This surely ought to be the objective of all Christians.

Price $2.50. Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Ontario.