Book Review

Book Review

Protestant Biblical Interpretation. Bernard Ramm. W. A. Wilde Co., Boston, Mass.

The Average Protestant Christian appreciates his right to interpret the Bible for himself. However, he may not always recognize the nature and importance of the principles whereby his interpretations should be made. These principles are outlined and discussed by Dr. Ramm in this most useful and illuminating volume.

Correct principles of interpretation are essential to a proper understanding of God’s Word. Between the minds of Bible writers and Bible readers there are vast differences in language, culture, geography, and history. These differences must be resolved in accordance with sound, hermeneutical principles if the interpreter is to avoid inaccurate, distorted or false conclusions.

Dr. Ramm reviews the history of Biblical interpretation, making brief reference to four schools of thought; allegorical, literal, devotional, and orthodox.

He then defines and describes in detail the conservative, Protestant system of hermeneutics, a system of principles which should be mastered completely by each minister of God’s Word.

Dr. Ramm also provides a good deal of practical help for all Bible readers in his chapters on General Hermeneutical Maxims, Doctrinal Use of the Bible, Practical Use of the Bible, and The Problem of Inerrancy and Secular Science in Relation to Hermeneutics.

The concluding chapters are devoted to three special hermeneutical topics: Typology, The Interpretation of Prophecy, and The Interpretation of Parables.

The subject matter of this volume is organized carefully, treated thoroughly, and presented clearly. Every attentive reader who is genuinely interested in the correct principles of interpreting the Bible will find this book to be absorbing, instructive, and quite possibly, corrective.

The Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor Street W., Toronto, Canada.