Book Review

Book Review

Christian Commitment—Edward John Carnell, The MacMillan Company, New York.

Dr. Carnell explains the character of his book, “This is a book on Christian apologetics.”

Apologetics is a disciplined systematic study which submits evidences that prove the reality of Christianity.

Apologetics has its limits as the conclusion to the closing chapter states, “It cannot, even as it would not want to, encroach on the preaching ministry of the Church. God is a living person, but God Himself must be encountered in the dynamic of personal fellowship.”

The value of this volume lies in the fact that it leads one through deep logical and progressive thinking into a broader knowledge of the being of things. The sum and substance of the eleven chapters is an extensive presentation of the principles involved in the statement of Christ, “If any man will do His will, he shall know of the doctrine” (John 7:17). The unreserved commital of oneself to any aspect of truth must result in a knowledge of its reality, and an understanding of its implications.

This book is not for the light or indolent reader, but the student of Christian evidences will appreciate its excellence.

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