Book Review

Book Review

Bible Problems And Answers Hoste And Rodgers, John Ritchie Limited, Kilmarnock, Scotland.

The cautious mind hesitates to rely much upon the Question and Answer column of any magazine because of the tendency among certain writers to attempt an answer to every problem, assuming a wisdom and knowledge they do not possess; and because of the tendency to attach to them an inerrancy never intended.

It is pleasing to review this volume and feel that it is an exception to the first of these observations.

The Foreword describes the authors as men who avoided extremes, yet remained inwardly faithful to principles which they believed were derived from the Scriptures, and as men who never wavered in their adherence to what they had learned.

These men did not assume to solve all problems; notice Mr. Hoste on Rev. 22:1-5, and at times they graciously and courteously differed with each other; notice the question and answer on page 7.

These answers are characterized by deep spiritual insight, profound conviction, scholarly approach, and, yet, by a tolerance with the lack of unholy dogmatism.

The compilers are to be complimented for making this excellent material readily accessible through a systematic arrangement and helpful indexes.

The volume is highly recommended. It is hoped that it will not only find a place on the reference shelf, but that its truth and spirit may find a place in our hearts.

Price $4.50, Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Canada.