Book Review

Book Review

The Atonement — F. W. Grant, Loizeaux Brothers, Inc. 19 West 21 Street, New York 10, U.S.A.

Since there is no word that expresses the work of Christ upon the cross in all its fulness, the word Atonement has been given, through long use, a general meaning in order to point out that great accomplishment through which man has an access before God.

Mr. F. W. Grant has sought to follow through all the Scriptures the Atonement of Christ in type, prophecy, and accomplishment.

This volume is not a systematic statement of the doctrine of the Atonement, but a detailed examination of the subject as it is progressively revealed in all the Word of God.

Some might consider the premise upon which Mr. Grant rests his entire line of study as somewhat secondary; namely, man’s need. He says, “Death then, and after death the judgment: this is man’s natural portion; these are the two things from which he needs to be delivered.” Several able scholars who also have written upon this subject have rested their research rather upon the character of God, His absolute holiness. To this reviewer that actually is the primary reason for the Atonement.

We highly recommend this volume to our readers. A careful perusal will increase ones intelligence of the subject and ones appreciation of Christ.

It is impossible to read this treatise without noticing the oneness of the Holy Bible.

There are over one hundred pages given to the subject in the Old Testament, and well over one hundred developing the subject from the New Testament.

The Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor Street W., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.