Book Review

Book Review

Leaves From the Tree of Life — Robert McClurkin, Walterick Publishers, Topeca, Kansas, U.S.A.

The Christian pilgrim, like any other pilgrim, is in need of shelter from exposure, rest from weariness, comfort from anxiety, refreshment from fatigue, and recovery from exhaustion. Robert McClurkin, a fellow-pilgrim, realizing these facts, out of the knowledge of the Word of God and out of personal experience seeks to provide through these “Leaves from the Tree of Life” the necessary comfort, strength, and inspiration for such pilgrim saints.

There is a “Leaf” for each month in the year: for January, “The Presence of the Unchanging Christ”; for February, “Perhaps this Year;” for March, “Thou Art with Me;” and so on throughout the entire twelve months. This paper bound book is excellent for personal inspiration as well as for the encouragement of others, especially those in affiction and those who are shut in.

Price $1.00 Christian Book Room.

Why The Cross — H. E. Guillebaud, Inter-Varsity Fellowship 36 Bedford Square, London, W.C.I.

This is not a new volume, but it is an important one in the field of Christian doctrine. It has been blessed of the Lord; the second edition already has had three printings.

The author cites some of the objections to the teaching of the substitutionary atonement of Christ, and from the Holy Scriptures meets these objections in a forceful and apologetic manner.

The character of God is carefully examined in His goodness and severity; the nature of man is likewise investigated, and the cross-work of Christ is Bibically explained. The author’s remarks on the meaning of the blood of Christ in chapter VIII are most significant. This small work may be used not only in the field of Christian Apologetics, but also as a text book of instruction.

Price $1.20, Christian Book Room 853 Bloor St. W. Toronto, Canada.