Book Review

Book Review

The Message Of Sinai by Fredk A. Tatford Litt. D. — Victory Press, London, England.

It is hoped that this unusual explanatory and instructive treatise will have a very extensive reception among our readers and that it will be given a very intensive perusal.

The clarity and the frankness with which Dr. Tatford discusses the details of the decalogue are admireable. He rightly insists that the ten commandments impose a moral obligation upon the peoples of today. He explains that while the ceremonial law found its fulfilment in Christ, the moral law remains as an expression of God in His holiness. That the law reveals the sin of man and that in this respect it prepares the soul for the work of grace, is taught in the book. Dr. Tatford makes it clear that Calvary is the complement of Sinai.

The high and holy standards of each commandment in the Mosiac economy are expounded in corresponding chapters.

One lays down the book with the deep conviction that the God who gave the law (Praise His name, He is also the God of Grace) will not lower any of His divine standards to accommodate the weaknesses of humanity.

This small forcefully written volume is most timely in our day of lawlessness. Although it is small it contains a weighty subject which will be of greater value in daily living than in the book case; nevertheless, it is worthy of a prominent place in every Christian’s library.

Price, $1.20, Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor St. W. Toronto, Canada.