The Book Corner

The Book Corner

Win the Battle for the Mind. Richard L. Strauss, Neptune, N. J.: Loizeaux Brothers, 1986. 131 pp. Paper, $5.95.

Both the Old and the New Testament tell us a great deal about our minds. In fact, an in-depth study of Paul’s Letter to the Philippians might surprise some readers relative to the many references to the mind in that letter alone.

As never before the mind is a battleground and daily it is pulled every which way, and at times we simply don’t know whom to believe. “There is an answer to our dilemma,” writes Mr. Strauss. “It is to tune our minds to the right channel and get our information from the only completely accurate and authoritative source — the inspired Word of God. Listening to what God has to say will clear up our confusion and help us get our heads on straight” (p. 9).

In his book the author deals with such themes as:

· The Enemy of the Mind

· The Mind of Christ

· A Mind to Suffer

· The Mind Screen

· A Peaceful Mind

· A Willing Mind

· Molding the Mind

Here is a book that will instruct the reader on how to cope with unacceptable thoughts, as well as how to have a peaceful and productive mind — all centred solidly, sanely, and simply on the Word of God.

—The Editor

Evangelism on the Cutting Edge. Robert E. Coleman, Editor. Old Tappan, N.J.: Fleming H. Revell Co., 1986. 156 pp. Paper, $5.95.

This book is a collection of essays that confront the major issues that are hindering the work of fulfilling Christ’s command to preach the gospel worldwide and make disciples of all nations. Ten respected evangelical scholars — all professors associated with Trinity Evangelical Divinity School — address the issues thwarting the efforts of evangelism today, plus providing a perspective analysis and Biblical response to specific areas of concern.

Among the subjects dealt with are:

· The Claims of Christ and Religious Pluralism

· Biblical Integrity and Revival

· The Cry for Social Justice and Liberation

· Power Encounter with the Demonic

· The Great Commission Life-style

These and the other essays in this book will give the reader an appreciation for today’s global task of evangelism, at the same time encouraging each of us to become more involved with the efforts to spread the gospel of Christ throughout the world.

—The Editor