The Book Corner

The Book Corner

The Name Above Every Name. By Charles J. Rolls. Neptune, N.J.: Loizeaux Brothers, 1985. 255 p.p. Paper, $5.95.

This is the fourth of five volumes by the same author, this one dealing with the “scores of official titles of exclusive distinction” of Jesus Christ, the titles in this book beginning with the letters P, Q, R and S. Dr. Rolls has a sweeping command of the English language and describes the 42 attributes of Christ by the use of alliteration, simile, metaphor, and other figures of speech to impress the reader with the magnitude of the Person and work of Jesus Christ as found in both the Old and New Testaments.

The gospel message is clear throughout the book and there is a wealth of homiletic material for both preacher and Bible student. The reader could consult Strong’s Concordance for the frequency of many words in Scripture, but the author of this book weaves the same information into his text to emphasize the importance of the repetition of key words. From the correlatives “as” and “so” to the movements of the stars, the range of the author’s knowledge of Scripture is evident.

He quotes from the Newberry edition of the Bible and its notes and draws on his long career as a student and teacher of the Word of God. The role of Christ in the Biblical theme of redemption is prominent and the clear logic of the plan of salvation is emphasized. Careful reading and reference to the Scriptures cited will add vastly to the reader’s store of knowledge of the riches and glory of the life and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. The book is highly recommended to all serious students of God’s Word, as well as to those believers who up to now have only a superficial knowledge of “the Name that is above every name.”

—Arthur F. Wilder

One Day at a Time. By William MacDonald. Scarborough, Ont.: Everyday Publications Inc., 1985. 376 pp. Paper, $12.95 (Canadian funds).

Always on the lookout for a good book of daily devotions, here is still another I can heartily recommend. Mr. MacDonald has selected 366 verses from the Bible and written a brief message on each one, at the same time applying the truth to the believer’s daily life. A helpful Scripture index is included. Like myself, many of our readers know the author personally and this always adds a meaningful personal touch, particularly to this type of book.

In spite of its rather high price, I hope the author’s work will have a wide circulation. It’s a book suitable as a gift for any occasion, and especially at the Christmas season.

—The Editor