The Book Corner

The Book Corner

That the World May Know. Vol. 8; West European Evangel. By Fredk. A. Tatford. Bath, Avon: Echoes Publications, 1985. 568 pp. N. p .

This attractive volume is the eighth in a series of ten volumes covering 150 years of worldwide missionary outreach of assemblies since the latter part of the 19th century. Having visited several places in 1984 which are covered in this book, it has held a special interest for me personally.

Among the West European countries discussed are: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and West Germany. In addition, many other places are dealt with, such as: Andorra, Corsica, Crete, Cyprus, Faeroes, Gibraltar, Malta, Monaco, Rhodes, Sicily and Sardinia.

Against a backdrop of geographical, cultural and historical detail, the progress of the Lord’s work in these areas is readily traced. The reader cannot help but be impressed with the faithfulness of God and the commitment of His servants. In fact, when confronted with the zeal, hardships, and sacrificial service of so many of His workers in an account of this nature, North American readers may well be humbled at how little we really extend ourselves for Jesus Christ in our easy-going, self-indulgent, materialistic society.

Like the previous volumes this one is copiously furnished with photos (many of them in beautiful, exquisite color) and maps. There is a detailed index of workers since 1872, as well as a brief article by Professor Alfred Kuen of Switzerland on, “Who are the Brethren?”

We further commend those of Echoes Publications, along with the seemingly untiring labors of Dr. Fredk. A. Tatford, in the production of this prodigious and comprehensive work, even as we look forward to the two remaining volumes entitled, Red Glow Over Eastern Europe and The Islands of the Sea, respectively.

No price in either British pounds or U.S. dollars was printed on the flyleaf of any of the volumes received thus far, including this one. However, the books and the price of each are available in the U.S. from Christian Missions in Many Lands, P.O. Box 13, Spring Lake, New Jersey 07719 or Missionary Service Commitee, Inc., 27 Charles St. E., Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1R9

—The Editor