Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor


To the Committee:

Thanks a million for a good, sound, Scriptural magazine.

William J. Skelton,
Brentwood, Pa.

From Way Down South

To the Editor:

I do not know how many times I wanted to sit down to write to thank you for “Food for the Flock” and tell you how much we appreciate receiving it. But … finding time for writing is our biggest problem. Our rainy season has finally come so now we can make time to write.

Today I received the July-August issue, thanks to the Brazilian Post Office, for it is more than two years since we changed our post office box to Sousas.

PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW POST OFFICE ADDRESS: Caixa Postal —33, 13130, Sousas, S.P., Brazil…

I must go to Campinas on some business and tonight is prayer and Bible study, so I’ll close with warmest regards in Christ.

Dominic Lipsi
Sousas, Brazil

(We have noted our brother’s new address as requested. Perhaps you have had a change of address or are anticipating one. If so, please notify the Business Office, P.O. Box 353, Etobicoke, Ont., M9C 4V3. Thank you. —Ed.)