The Book Corner

The Book Corner

Sexual Sanity. By Earl D. Wilson. Downers Grove, IL: Inter-Varsity Press, 1984. 141 pp. Paper, $4.95.

We live in an age of sexual obsession. Pornography abounds openly as never before in the history of western civilization. Movies portray homosexuality, lesbianism and incest without shame. The recent Miss America was forced from her position when nude photos of her were published in a lesbian context. Fearful, isn’t it?

And some who come to the Lord find themselves still struggling with the demon of lust. What is sexual obsession and how does one’s thinking get so warped? Is there hope of breaking loose from this slavery?

Dr. Earl D. Wilson is a professor of psychology and counselling at Western Conservative Baptist Seminary. He also has a counselling ministry and writes from much experience.

He first deals with the root of the problem in our twisted culture and shows how an obsession is developed. He writes quite frankly and gives a number of case studies. But there is hope. He states: “Obsessive behavior is learned and therefore may be unlearned” (p. 49). He also stresses we must believe “It is sin and must be recognized as such” (p. 49).

Part III is entitled, “Returning to Sexual Sanity” and has many practical suggestions for changing patterns of thought and behavior. God has resources for us. “I sin because I choose to sin rather than because I am left without resources by a God who doesn’t care” (p. 102).

It will take time. “Deliverance depends on obedience and is rarely experienced as a quick cure” (p. 117). Accountability to a trusted Christian friend and the support of other believers is vital.

This is a book that should be helpful to those who want to change in this area of life.

—Donald L. Norbie