The Book Corner

The Book Corner

The Seven Laws of Teaching. By John Milton Gregory. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker House. 129 pp . $6.95.

Thank God for some of the reprints we receive. This volume is such an one. It is a book that everyone engaged in teaching the Word of God, whether to adults or to children, should master. Its frequent reprintings since 1884 indicate the timelessness of its content. It is one of the few books that remain contemporary.

The author of this book, Dr. John Milton Gregory, was the founding father of the University of Illinois. He was a very learned man with an intimate knowledge of the entire field of education.

In recognition of Dr. Gregory’s great service to the University of Illinois, two members of the School of Education undertook this revision of the book.

This is a work that has been most helpful as a handbook for Sunday school teachers. A superintendent, in recruiting new teachers for his Sunday school, would be well advised to give a copy to all inexperienced persons willing to answer his appeal.

The seven principles or seven rules presented in this small work, if learned properly and used methodically, will add greatly to the equipment of any teacher.

These seven laws taught by the original, illustrious author, and developed by him in considerable detail, are:

1. The Law of the Teacher

2. The Law of the Learner

3. The Law of the Language

4. The Law of the Lesson

5. The Law of the Teaching Process

6. The Law of the Learning Process

7. The Law of Review and Application

There is a section covering each of these headings, every phase of which is clearly numbered. It is easy to study this book and to retain much of its content.

—James Gunn

(Editor’s Note: This was the last book review our founding editor and former associate editor, Mr. James Gunn, sent to me. In his comments he did not mention the date of the edition of Dr. Gregory’s book which he had in his possession.)