The Book Corner

The Book Corner

That the World May Know (Vols. 1-3). By Fredk. A. Tatford. Bath, England: Echoes of Service, 1982-83.

Through the kindness of Echoes of Service in Bath, England, three volumes of a projected ten-volume series on worldwide assembly missionary work have been sent to me. The complete series under the general title, That the World May Know, is featured in separate volumes as follows:

· The Restless Middle East

· Dawn over Latin America

· The Challenge of India

· The Muslim World

· The Mysterious Far East

· Light over the Dark Continent

· Asian Giants Awake

· West European Evangel

· Red Glow over Eastern Europe

· The Islands of the Sea

It goes without saying that not only is this ten-volume series a major publishing enterprise but also a monumental task for even the highly prolific pen of octogenarian Dr. Fredk. A. Tatford.

Each of these three hard-cover volumes currently in my possession is attractively produced and ‘clothed’ with a colorful, eye-appealing jacket. Quality paper has been used and the print is clear. Also, each volume is generously illustrated with excellent photos (both colored and black and white), maps, helpful appendices and an index.

Not only do these volumes afford the reader with an inspirational record of missionary endeavor over the past century or more, but they will increase his knowledge of historical and geographical details of the areas covered.

In addition, these are accounts which will issue in praise to our Lord for all that has been wrought in the past, as well as challenge readers (hopefully many young people) to the unfinished task of the Church and just where and how they might effectively serve with the Church’s risen and ascended Head in the ongoing evangelization of the world.

As stated on the fly-leaf, “These are not the usual missionary books, nor are they an academic survey. Information is included which is not readily available elsewhere and the books have been penned in a popular style which will make for easy reading.”

Then there is this further comment: “These volumes disclose where the need for workers exists at the present time and hint at the tremendous potentialities of the immediate future for those who are prepared to go forth, venturing their all upon God.”

So far I have picked up only one kindly constructive criticism and this had to do with Volume 2, Dawn over Latin America. It was stated that there were several inaccuracies among some of the data with which this particular person was thoroughly familiar. Nevertheless, he readily realized — as we all do —that a project of this magnitude is bound to include a few minor errors, especially since no person could possibly be familiar with every area covered. This is obviously one of the chief problems faced by the author either through his own limitations or through the limitations of certain of the material from which he obtained his information. All things considered, Dr. Tatford has done a splendid job.

Thus with genuine enthusiasm I can wholeheartedly recommend these inspirational, informative and useful volumes, even as I look forward to the next seven. As the other volumes are received, I purpose to review them individually. It is only in the interest of acquainting our reader family with those now available that I have sought to comment on the first three together.

No price in either British pounds or U.S. dollars was printed on the flyleaf of any of the books. However, the books and the price of each is available in the U.S. from Christian Missions in Many Lands, P.O. Box 13, Spring Lake, New Jersey 07719 or Missionary Service Committee, Inc., 1562A Danforth, Toronto, Ontario, M4J 1N4.

—The Editor