The Book Corner

The Book Corner

Over the past year or so several new titles have been released by Everyday Publications Inc. of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Among them are the following, all of which have been reviewed by the editor:

Job Had A Problem by R. E. Harlow (64 pp. Paper, $2.75)

Sooner or later, and to one degree or another, all of us — sinner and saint alike — are faced with the problem of suffering. This little volume describes how God dealt with Job’s particular problem. While neither the book of Job nor the Bible as a whole provides all the answers we would like to have regarding suffering — and more particularly why the righteous suffer — the implication is that in His own time and way, God solved Job’s problem and used it to bring about great blessing on Job’s behalf.

The Book of Daniel by John Heading (188 pp. Paper, $4.75).

Centering his development of the Book of Daniel on Daniel himself —the Man, the Interpreter and the Prophet — Prof. John Heading has provided for God’s people today a very helpful and useful commentary. A study of the book of Daniel is essential to an understanding of prophecy and of the Bible as a whole. In addition to an introductory chart (p. 4) and sketched maps of the four kingdoms (pp. 19, 42, 67, 92), the final page of the book lists unfulfilled verses in Daniel.

Thessalonians by R. H. Sykes (64 pp. Paper, $2.25).

Chronologically, 1 & 2 Thessalonians are the earliest of the Apostle Paul’s preserved letters; experientially, they are the last to be fulfilled. The author’s comments will enlighten the reader not only in relation to truth about the Rapture and Christ’s Second Advent to the earth, but will also enable him in some measure to appreciate what a first century assembly of Christians was like.

The Faith That Saves by William Yuille (92 pp. Paper, $3.75).

The letter of James has rightly been called, “Faith in overalls.” The author touches upon every verse, using helpful illustrations from the rest of the Bible, while at the same time perceptively applying the truth to the needs of believers today.

Does It Pay to Pray? by William MacDonald & Carl T. Knott, Jr. (48 p.p. Paper, $1.95).

Admittedly, there are many problems connected with the subject of prayer and assuredly there is an element of mystery about it. Nevertheless, here is a little book which meets these problems head-on. The authors present 36 questions and answers from the Scriptures. Question 36 is the same as the title and is answered by twelve true experiences which evidence that God does indeed hear and answer prayer.

Perhaps I can best communicate my own appreciation and enthusiasm for this study on prayer by stating that I wish it had been available when I was a young Christian. It would have at that time answered most, if not all, of my own questions on this vital theme.

All of these books are available from Everyday Publications Inc., 421 Nugget Avenue, Unit 2, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, M1S 4L8.