Could God Incarnate Sin?

Could God Incarnate Sin?

W. Ross Rainey

The above question is the title of a new 31-page booklet written by David Boyd Long and published by Everyday Publications of Toronto, Canada. It is obtainable from the publishers at a cost of $1.25 postpaid.

Over the years many have taught, and some continue to teach, that Jesus could have sinned. One well-known and respected Bible teacher currently espousing this teaching is Richard W. DeHaan of the Radio Bible Class ministries, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

David Long’s booklet is a courteous but firm rebuttal of Richard DeHaan’s erroneous teaching recently set forth in a 32-page booklet entitled, “Could Jesus Sin?” This booklet contains four studies which were aired on the Radio Bible Class and the TV Day of Discovery program across the North American continent and to other parts of the world.

David Long begins his treatise by defining the area of conflict. He then proceeds to refute Richard DeHaan’s three stated reasons for believing that the Lord Jesus Christ could have sinned. In the final section of his booklet, the author tackles the “loose language” used by DeHaan. An example of this is found on page 13 of DeHaan’s booklet, where he states that Satan’s proposals in the temptation “may have seemed to be a plausible option to Christ” In reply, David Long answers: “In One who was specifically called ‘God with us’ they would have seemed nothing of the sort. They would have seemed what they were; an insolent affront by a fallen creature to every aspect of Christ’s divine being” (p. 22).

Long’s booklet, “Could God Incarnate Sin?”, is must reading for every sincere Christian who would keep himself or herself unspotted from numerous doctrinal errors which are abroad today.

For otherwise respected, gifted and well-known Bible teachers like Richard DeHaan to persist in and propagate the erroneous doctrine that Jesus Christ could have sinned is cause for alarm. While this teaching may seem harmless to some believers, its dissemination could open the door to further spurious teaching regarding the Person of our Lord, and this, with a marked impact for ill on future generations of God’s people.

While our efforts to stem the tide of doctrinal error may seem small and our sphere of influence insignificant, let us do what we can. And a good way to begin is to purchase a copy of David Long’s booklet, and with your Bible in hand, dig in and study out this crucial issue for yourself. It is this editor’s prayerful hope that every elder in our local assemblies across the North American continent would read this booklet, and in so doing, be better prepared to answer questions on this important subject. Furthermore, assembly leaders would do well to purchase several copies of “Could God Incarnate Sin?” and circulate them among the sheep they ten& Copies may be obtained from: EVERYDAY PUBLICATIONS INC.

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