Wonderful Counsellor

MIF 8:6 (Nov-Dec 1976)

Wonderful Counsellor


The office which our precious Lord Jesus sustains is “Counsellor” (Isaiah 9:6). Now there are numberless things before us continually in our earthly pilgrimage regarding which we need “counsel,” we need advice; and then under these circumstances we should go to our Lord Jesus Christ and say to Him: “My Lord, my precious Saviour, I am ignorant; now what am I to do? Thou art my Counsellor; now show me clearly and distinctly how to act under these circumstances.” And what will be the result? We shall be taught.

But our danger is to think ourselves wise to say “I have lived many years and know how to act; I am a man of experience.” This is the very way to make mistakes, to be left to ourselves; but, feeling our ignorance, what we have to do is to own that we are little ignorant children and to ask the Lord to teach us. When the Apostle John was asked a question by one of the elders, he said, “Sir, thou knowest,” in other words, “I do not know,” and as soon as he acknowledged his ignorance he was taught.

And thus it will be with regard to ourselves directly there is found in us a heart of humility so that we come asking of God that He would tell us, we shall find what it is to have a Counsellor in Heaven.

You need never to take a step in the dark. If you do, you are sure to make a mistake. Wait, Wait, WAIT till you have light. Remind the Lord Jesus that as He is Counsellor to the Church of God that He will be in your particular case Counsellor and Guide, and will direct you. And if you patiently wait, believingly, expectantly wait, you will find that the waiting is not in vain and that the Lord will prove Himself a Counsellor both wise and good.

— George Muller