Book Corner

Book Corner

W. Ross Rainey

The Early Earth. By John C. Whitcomb, Jr. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, Sixth Printing, December 1974. 144 pp. Paper, $1.95

Similar in format to the author’s treatise, The World That Perished, here is a book that provides the reader with helpful scientific information and much food for thought. While the author does not reject the true findings of science, he forthrightly rejects both secular and theistic evolution. The book presents the case for Biblical creationism in such a clear way that young and old, the less educated as well as the scholar, are able to understand the material presented.

Dr. Whitcomb sets forth his case in five interesting and well-organized chapters:

Chapter 1. The Nature of Biblical Creation

Chapter 2. The Creation of the Universe

Chapter 3. The Creation of Plants and Animals

Chapter 4. The Creation of Mankind

Chapter 5. Was the Earth Originally a Chaos?

The book would serve as a helpful guide for group study, this reviewer enthusiastically commending it to young people in particular, who today are so openly exposed to those theories which contradict the teaching of Scripture.

Throughout the book there are attractive black and white photos, each accompanied by brief comments which are both interesting and informative. Included at the end of the book are an index of names and subjects, an index of Scripture, and a bibliography.