The Book Corner

The Book Corner

Prophet Who Deserted: Dr. Fredk A. Tatford; Prophetic Witness Publishing House, Upperton House, The Avenue, Eastbourne, Sussex, England BN21 3YB

This study of the autobiography of Jonah is one in the series on the Minor Prophets by Dr. Tatford. It is characterized by his usual excellent research into background material.

He accepts the supernatural element in the book and gives a literal exposition of its content. He has little sympathy with those who malign and criticize the prophet and his work.

Some perhaps may be dissatisfied with the Doctor’s explanation of the “three days and three night-,” but his appendix covering the matter of a physical resurrection is exceptionally good. It alone justifies the purchasing of the book.

There are six chapters in the small volume:

Chapter one introduces us to Jonah and his life before the experience recorded in the book and his unusual commission.

Chapter two deals with the divine discipline of the prophet and his remarkable preservation in the sea.

Chapter three delineates Jonah’s experience in the great fish.

Chapter four records the prophet’s significant prayer.

Chapter five indicates the response and obedience of Jonah to his being recommissioned.

Chapter six pictures the weary and resentful prophet being further taught of God.

The bibliography at the end opens a vast field of reference to the Bible student.

Highly recommended. This small volume may be purchased through Loizeaux Brothers, Inc., 1238 Conies Avenue, Neptune, New Jersey, U.S.A.