The Book Corner

The Book Corner

Divine Sovereignty and Human Freedom: Samuel Fisk; Loizeaux Brothers Inc., 1238 Corlies Avenue, Neptune, New Jersey.

The author does not seek to harmonize Divine Sovereignty and Human Free Will; he clearly states both and speaks of “seeing both sides.” For example, in chapter four, he quotes from others and makes some personal observations regarding the idea that God in His sovereignty imposed certain limits upon Himself and that man has perfect freedom to act only within those limits. In this, the divine act and the human act of faith react jointly.

This book is composed of two sections: Part one presents these two conceptions in considerable detail. Part two, an examination of particular Scriptures that treat these conceptions but which suggest difficulties.

The volume evinces extensive research and personal study. Mr. Fisk quotes profusely from the works of other devout, scholarly, spiritual authors.

A statement in chapter five seems to be characteristic of this work; “He avoids the errors of Armenianism on the one hand, and those of hyper-Calvinism on the other.”

This reviewer would agree with the assertion that predestination is related to the purposes of God for His redeemed; notwithstanding, he would take exception to the emphasis that election is generally related to service. This appears as an attempt to oversimplify the problems this doctrine presents.

Anyone studying Divine Sovereignty certainly should read and thoroughly peruse this carefully-compiled work.

Price: $3.95. Loizeaux Brothers Inc., Neptune, New Jersey, and at most Christian Book Stores.