Book Review

Book Review

Notes on the Pentateuch — Genesis to Deuteronomy: C. H. Mackintosh: Loizeaux Brothers Inc. Neptune, New Jersey.

One is deeply grateful that these notes are to be kept in circulation. We might well pray that should the Lord tarry these notes would always be available to the people of God.

Loizeaux Brothers are to be complimented not only for reprinting this exceptional ministry but for doing so in such a new and attractive form.

Dr. Wilbur M. Smith says: “This new one-volume edition of C. H. M.’s Notes on the Pentateuch has been completely reset, word for word from the original six-volume set published in 1880. It has been acclaimed by four generations of Bible students as a classic on the five books of Moses.

A deep evangelical tone marks all of Mackintosh’s writings. Andrew Miller commented in the Preface: ‘Man’s complete ruin in sin, and God’s perfect remedy in Christ are fully, celarly, and often strikingly presented’.”

Highly recommended: Loizeaux Brothers Inc. 1238 Corlies Avenue, Neptune, New Jersey, U.S.A. Price $10.95.