My Well-Beloved

My Well-Beloved

Richard Burson

A Believer in the Lord Jesus always applies things to himself or to his Saviour. This verse obviously applies to Christ. There are two things we should note: Christ is like a bundle of myrrh “unto me” — He is all to the believer.

Myrrh is a perfume. The fragrance of the Lord Jesus Christ should fill our lives. It’s fragrance should make us different from all who are about us. So different, in fact, that men will want to know what makes our lives so full and complete, so filled with satisfaction and joy. The fragrance of Christ will take the edge out of unfair decisions and will give the believer solace in times of disappointment.

Myrrh is also known for its healing qualities. Our Lord Jesus Christ has a healing balm for all the hurts and frustrations this world offers the believer. He is risen with healing in His wings. Do I hear filth and ribaldry on all sides? Then I turn to Christ for the healing of my wounded soul. Do I miss being with the people of God on the Lord’s Day? Then turn to Christ and there will be healing in abundance. Do I feel pain and distress at the way men ignore the claims of Christ upon their lives? Then turn to the Lord Jesus for healing and consolation.

Myrrh is said to be a preservative. The Lord Jesus will keep His own in all circumstances. Perhaps it is His will that I see death — He is still a bundle of myrrh to me. He will preserve me through death. Perhaps it is His will that I be tested and tried — He is a bundle of myrrh to me. He will preserve my life through it all. The Lord Jesus can and will care for His own.

Someone has said that myrrh is a disinfectant. I do not know if this is true or not, but I do know that Christ acts as a disinfectant to the believer who is exposed to the contagions of this world. Christ inoculates the believer against all the evil that surrounds him. Christ cleanses from all sin. “If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Then we may wonder why the composer of this song spoke of myrrh as a “bundle.” Perhaps four reasons suggest themselves to us: First he would remind us of plenteousness, Not just a pinch of myrrh but a bundle of it. The Lord Jesus Christ is plenteous in mercy and grace. Whatever I need in Him I find. Whatever my short-comings may be Christ fills them to overflowing. Christ Jesus is inexhaustible. He is infinite. He is all. Secondly the bundle might also suggest to our minds variety. Christ is all things to all men, prophet, priest, king. I will find in Him all the promises fulfilled for me. I will find in Christ the Word of God made real as I read of His walking and talking in this world. I am glad we have a high priest touched with the feeling of our infirmities. The Lord Jesus Christ is the priest we need to intercede between God and us. Some men need a ruler — one who will administer justice and who will right the wrong. Christ is the King to some men. He can be all these to us and much more. He can be the lover of our soul, the satisfaction of our desires, the fulfilment of our needs. Thirdly, the bundle might speak to us of preservation. We are kept by the myrrh and the bundle of myrrh reminds us we are in a bundle of life with Christ. We are not left to our own devices. We are with Christ in all He does and He is with us in all we do. We are inescapably tied together like a bundle. Isn’t it good to know that nothing — absolutely nothing — comes to me but that it must get through the “bundle of myrrh” to reach me? I am covered by the hand of Christ and whatever comes to me must first get past Him. This is consolation in times of perplexity. Fourth, the bundle of myrrh might suggest specialty. He chose me. He elected me, I belong to God because God did this for me. I look at other men and realize they are no different than I, and I am no different than they. Our basic needs are all the same. Our general responses are identical. What they want, I want. What they need, I need. Why? Then I can say, “A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me.” The man next to me may only use the name of Christ as a swear word. Why is Christ loved in my heart and rejected in the heart of another? Well, we must get back to the choice God makes; “Ye have not chosen me but I have chosen you and ordained you…” There is the reason. I would hate Him if He had not changed my heart. I would spurn His love if He had not caused me to love Him.

All these things being true, I am reminded of the little song dedicated to D. L. Moody and written by Will Houghton;

Love this world through me, Lord,
This world of broken men.
Thou hast loved through death, Lord.
Oh, love through me again.
Souls are in despair, Lord,
Oh, make me know and care
When my life they see, may they behold Thee.
Oh, love this world through me.