The Bank of Faith

The Bank of Faith

Henry Palmieri

Henry Palmieri of Machanicsville, New York, has been a contributor to the ministry of this periodical for many years. We appreciate and commend this short article, “The Bank of Faith.”

“But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:19). What a precious promise to those who are faithful in their giving to the cause of Christ! Because the Philippians were faithful in their stewardship, even to the point of endangering their own livelihood in caring for Paul, this promise was given.

This is Paul’s note upon the Bank of Faith. He draws as it were a bill upon the Exchequer in Heaven. Then he leaves it to God to make amends for their kindness to him. Note the:

Person of the Banker: “My God.” He shall do it not only as your God, but as “My God,” who takes what is done to me as done to Himself. “My God,” the One whom he well knew whom he had proved. How sweet to be able to say, “My God!”

Promise to Pay: “Shall supply.” Paul assures them that in giving so liberally, they had not impoverished themselves. “Supply” means, “I am full.” That means, God’s treatment of the Philippians was to correspond with their treatment of Paul. They supplied Paul’s every need to overflowing, God would do the same for them.

Prime Value of the Note: “All your need;” not all you aim for or pray for or all you want or desire. “Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of” (Matt. 6:8).

Plentitude of the Bank: “According to His riches.” The God of Paul would supply their need, not according to it but according to His riches. You supplied my needs according to your poverty and He shall supply yours according to His riches. Note, not “Out of His riches” but “according to His riches.” God’s supply is “according to His riches” and nothing could be richer than that.

Place or Address of the Bank: “In glory,” the element peculiarly belonging to God, in which His rich grace operates and in which He will supply fully all your need.

Power of the Signature: The name of our Lord Jesus Christ is the signature that makes the cheques valid. In virtue of our union with Him, our Lord Jesus Christ, we receive His fulness, grace for grace. That union is the guarantee of a full supply for all the needs of faithful stewards. Through Him we have grace to do that which is well-pleasing to God. “Not of debt, but of grace,” of course, for all that we do for God is superabundantly rewarded.

“Naught have I gotten, but what I received;
Grace hath bestowed it since I have believed;
I’m only a sinner saved by grace!”
Boasting excluded pride I abase;