He Abideth Faithful

He Abideth Faithful

James Gunn

“We have asked the oldest Christian at the conference to conclude this session with prayer,” announced the Chairman. “When he comes to the platform, he may tell you his age.”

The gentleman who made his way to the front of the large auditorium and eventually stood in the rostrum did not look so very old; he was well-groomed, mentally alert, and radiant in his personality.

“I was ninety-one on my last birthday,” he said, “and before I pray, let me tell you a story.”

The congregation edged forward; no one wanted to miss a single word.

“I travelled alone to this conference,” continued the aged speaker, “On my arrival I looked around the bus station for an available telephone. The first booth I entered was too dark, I could not see to read the Directory. Not far away a lady and gentleman were sitting in their car. When they saw me enter a second booth, they guessed my predicament so the lady came over and offered to help.

“Our conversation resulted in their taking me to their home, serving me a light lunch, finding the phone number of my friends. They then added kindness to kindnesses; they drove me in their car to the home of my friends.

“Let me testify to the sure fulfilment of the Lord’s promise, ‘Even to your old age I am He; and even to gray hairs will I carry you; I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you’ (Isa. 46:4. N.S.B.).”

Before the elderly gentleman had even prayed, in their hearts “all the people said, Amen.”