Permissions & Thanks

Though some will inevitably be left off of the list, we wish to thank the following for permission for non-publicdomain material found on our websites. Alves, D. R. - translation of downloadable William MacDonald works (in Word format)  to Spanish for use on this site.Translation of Dan Snaddon's "Through the Valley of the Shadow".

Brooks, Kenneth - permission to use "Grace Triumphant" by Cyril H. Brooks (50+ years with his wife Anna, as a missionary in the Philippines), available in its entirety, on this site.

Carder, Patrick and Walterick Publishing Ministries (KS): "Grace Triumphant" by Cyril H. Brooks, and "To What Should We Be Loyal" by William MacDonald

Ingimar DeRidder - permission to use 'ToonUps', and extensive ministry authored by him on the site

Dyer, Kevin/Interest Ministries (IL) - permission to use biographies, memorials, and articles from Letters of Interest  (William G. McCartney - 1st Editor)  1933-1996

Otis Jean Gibson - his permission in October 2005 to use all of his material.

William MacDonald - his permission to in October 2004 to use all his material.

Jabe Nicholson- permission to use all articles from  "Uplook",  and its predecessor "Assembly Annals".

Ross W. Rainey - permission to scan and post the 1955-1989 ministry periodical series "Food for the Flock" (James Gunn - Ed) and "Ministry in Focus” W. Ross Rainey - Ed). Both series appear in their entirety.

In addition, the following have given permission for use of their personal work in its entirety on this site:

John Bjorlie,  David Dunlap, Kenneth E. Engle, Kevin L. Engle, Gordon Franz, Milton Haack, Kenneth Hardisty, Mark Hennings,  Steve Hulshizer, Mark Kolchin, James G. McCarthy, William MacDonald, Joseph Muller, Donald Norbie, Dan Snaddon, Rex Trogdon.