Current Events

Vol 4:12 (Dec 1958)

Current Events

“THIS WEEK,” Oct. 1958. “One out of every 30 U.S.A. youngsters were arrested last year for violating the law. That statistic alone should shock every person into wanting to help stamp out juvenile delinquency. What to do? So far there has been no clear cut answer even among professionals whose job it is to cope With the problem. Judges, social workers, police officers, all seem to be divided into two opposing camps, the ‘go easy’ vs. the ‘get tough’.”

This problem might be partially solved if in the first place parental delinquency were curbed. In many cases children violate the law because of parental example, or neglect, or indulgence. The Bible insists upon the responsibility of the parent toward the child in the manifestation of a proper attitude (Eph. 6:4), by a scriptural rearing (Prov. 22:6), and by spiritual instruction (2 Tim. 3:13). Since delinquency is the failure to perform one’s duty, many parents are very definitely delinquents.

* * *

Los Angeles: On Monday Oct. 20, over sixty representative brethren from assemblies in Southern California met for a dinner meeting at Schaber’s Cafeteria, after which Mr. James Gunn spoke of “A Helpful Criticism of our Assembly Relationships.”

The points discussed were as follows:

1. The poor quality of ministry in the assemblies today in comparison with former times.

2. The confusion between New Testament principles and contemporary practice.

3. The low standard of assembly ethics.

All agreed that the meeting was most instructive and helpful. It was felt that similar meetings should be held periodically when able ministers of the Word are in the area.

* * *

India: In the Hindu pantheon, the wife of Siva is known as Kali, the Dark Mother. Recently she reasserted herself near Delhi. A poor street sweeper shouting, “Hail Mother Kali,” cut his little son’s throat, and then carried his bleeding body to the temple where he sprinkled the warm blood upon the idol goddess. What a reminder of heathenism in its cruelty and wickedness! Here we see the “deep things of Satan,” the awful influences that imprison the human mind and soul. Only the light of the gospel in the face of Jesus Christ could liberate one so fettered by superstition.