The Infallible Bible

The Infallible Bible

George M. Landis

Text: Thy Word is true from the beginning” (Psa. 119:60).

Modern infidelity, under the pretentious guise of advanced scholarship, has done much to shake the faith of this generation in the authority of God’s Word. Many who fill professor’s chairs and some prominent pulpits are very open in their attacks upon the inspiration of the Scriptures. What was once the argument of the infidel is now “the final dictum of an agreed scholarship.” The enemies of the Bible cannot destroy that wonderful Book, but they can destroy the confidence of many in the Bible, so that they turn from its message of life and salvation, thereby virtually closing the gate of Heaven in their own faces.

To illustrate the point: suppose I am trying to find my way in a strange area by following what claims to be an official map. As I pause to examine the map, a stranger approaches and says: “My friend, surely you are not so foolish as to consult that obsolete and unreliable map? Do you not know that it was printed by a deluded man who himself did not know the directions?

No one consults it any more save a few simple-minded women and children and a few people now in their dotage. I urge you to discard it at once.” Then I follow this stranger’s advice only to discover that I am hopelessly lost. I ask you, did this stranger’s denial change one word or direction on the map? Did it remove one mile of highway or destroy a single bridge? No, nothing was changed or destroyed except my faith in the map. And I would be the one to suffer for believing the stranger’s lie instead of the map.

“May we read these Scriptures,
And their truth believe,
Own our need as sinners,
And God’s Son receive;
In assurance resting,
His commands obey,
And in His grace growing,
Live for Him each day.”

—A. P. Gibbs