Albert Kitcher

FFF 13:8 (Oct 1967)

Albert Kitcher

A Beloved Brother and Faithful Minister

In the passing of our esteemed brother, Albert E. Kitcher, the assemblies in Toronto, Ontario, in particular, and the Lord’s people in general, suffered the loss of an ardent assembly worker and a tender spiritual shepherd.

Born in Barnstaple, England, March 19, 1894, at the turn of the century he emigrated to Canada with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Seymour Kitcher, and a younger brother Eric. The letter of commendation of Mr. and Mrs. Kitcher Sr. is a prized momento in the home for it bears the signature of the late Robert C. Chapman.

Following the death of his father when he was a mere boy of thirteen, Albert was deeply convicted of sin while listening at a street corner service. There and then he gave himself to the Lord Jesus. From that experience throughout more than sixty years he expended himself and his means in the service of the One he loved, the Lord Jesus. He worked faithfully in the spread of the gospel, and for fifty years was a Sunday School Superintendent.

During these years of service he helped to found and see established two testimonies: Bracondale and Westmount assemblies, Toronto, Ontario.

With Brother James Buchan, he set aside every Thursday for visitation among the ailing and bereaved. In sick rooms and hospital wards the presence and prayers of these brethren have been benedictions not readily forgotten.

Brother Kitcher was one of the three Charter members of the Board of Elim Homes, Waubaushene, Ontario. As a Director he was faithful to the obligations that devolved upon him. Furthermore, for many years he served as Treasurer of the Corporation, executing this task with diligence and accuracy.

Annually he gave part of his vacation time to the aged in Rest Haven Home, Grand Rapids, Michigan and in The Gospel Hall Home for Aged Christians, Longport, New Jersey, where, in his capacity as a Chiropodist, he ministered comfort to many.

The Kitcher home was open-house to many servants of the Lord; there, Albert, with his hospitable wife liberally entertained them. The hospitality thus extended to those in the more public sphere was likewise extended to visiting saints from points far and near.

Our brother is survived by his wife Mahala Harper, his daughter Doreen (Mrs. Somers Peat), and grandchildren: Heather, Sharon, Clifford and Beryl.

In his eulogy at the funeral service, Mr. T. Ernest Wilson likened our brother to Barnabas who was a good man, to Barzillia who was a great man, and to the Lord Jesus who was a gracious man. Mr. William Pell prayed touchingly at the service and again at the graveside. Many came even from distances to pay tribute to one whose life and devotion to the Lord serve as an example we all might follow.