Bible Readings For Men

Bible Readings For Men


It came as good news recently when it was announced in our assembly that special Bible Study sessions for brethren were going to commence in Toronto, Ontario. Not since the days of Mr. J. R. Little-proud in the mid-thirties have such meetings been convened.

This project results from the exercise of a number of brethren in various assemblies in and around this city. They have scheduled the meetings for two Monday evenings a month.

It is encouraging to see brethren of all ages seeking basic teaching on a variety of fundamental subjects. Each session is particularly set for the instruction of younger men, not only in the right ways of the Lord, but, with a view to developing a deeper personal study of God’s Word in order that they might eventually be able to teach others also.

These few remarks are written from an observer’s perspective, and as such I can say that one does not want to miss a single session. Our brother James Gunn has been especially helped of the Lord in the preparation and presentation of the ministry. It is our constant prayer that divine help will be his in all the sessions.

A small committee of experienced brethren representing several assemblies review details after each lecture so that the maximum benefit may be derived.

A library is being instituted that will be helpful to all. The books may be borrowed from session to session as further helps in these studies.

The order of the meeting stimulates participation by several brethren both during the prayer period and the discussion. The friendly discussion that follows each lecture helps to clarify points which are not previously grasped. Furthermore, it prompts younger brethren to speak in an atmosphere that is warm and understanding, even when divergent views are expressed. This attitude resolves in a better appreciation of God’s Word and of one another.

A schedule of purposed sessions may be obtained by writing to this magazine or at the next meeting, Monday, December 5, at 7.45 p.m. in Central Gospel Hall, 25 Charles Street East, Toronto, Ontario.

W. K. B.