Suggested Christian Reading

Suggested Christian Reading

Seventh Day Adventism:

Seventh-Day Adventism Briefly Tested by Scripture; Pollock

Seventh Day Adventism; Booth (Pam-let, LB)

The Answer and the Reasons; E. B.

Jones, former missionary of the sect. (64 pp., Designed Products, Oak Park, Ill.)


Why I am not a Spiritualist; Evans. Brief (Moody)

Modern Sp. Tested by Scripture; Pollock (Pamphlet, LB)

The Unequal Yoke:

The Unequal Yoke; C. H. Mackintosh. Pamphlet (LB)


What’s Wrong with the Unity School of Christianity; Louis T. Talbot (Dunham)

The Unity School of Christianity; Putnam (Moody)

VIrgin Birth, Denials Of The:

(See also Christ, His Person)

Why we Believe in the Virgin Birth; Jas. M. Gray (Brief)

Women, Their Sphere And Ministry:

Is it Scriptural for a Woman to Speak in the Church; C. Knapp (Pamphlet, LB)

(B) The Ministry of Women; Hogg, Vine, Lewis (Pamphlet, P&I)

Youth’s Problems:

(B) Youth’s Purity Problems; J. Wyrtzen (Pamphlet, Moody)

Section Seven
Evangelism And Missions

Preaching And Teaching Methods, Etc.:

Lectures to my Students; C. H. Spurgeon (443 pp., Zon.)

(B) The Preacher and His Preaching; A. P. Gibbs (441 pp., W.)

Principles of Teaching for Christian Teachers; C. B. Eavey (Zon.)

(B) Principles of Expository Preaching; M. F. Unger (270 pp., Zon.)

(B) The Seven Laws of Teaching; Gregory (125 pp.)

(C) The Christian Teacher; Clarence F. Benson (288 PP., Moody)

(B) True Evangelism: L. S. Chafer (143 pp., MM&S)

(C) The Gospel we Preach; Geo. Goodman (96 pp., P&I)

Personal Evangelism:

(B) Personal Work; P. O. Ruoff (96 pp., IVP)

(C) Visitation Evangelism made Practical; Dean (93 pp., Zon.)

Taking Men Alive; Trumbull